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The Secret of the Elves in Helen Children's Book


Author Delray Thompson

The Secret of the Elves in Helen  is a wonderful story for the child in your life and doubles as an excellent souviner from Helen.

About the Author: Mr Thompson is a teacher in North Georgia, where this story is based. He holds teaching certificates in social studies, special education, and reading. Thompson lives with his wife, daughter and lovable gold retriever.

About the Book:

Helen is a real alpine tourist village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Alfred lives in this enchanting German-style town and enjoys exploring the mountains. He happens to rescue an elf King and recieves and invitation and the top secret directions to the elf's mysterious kingdom for rewards. A wonderful adventure ensues and the book ends with a rhyme summarizing the work of elves. A delightful book that have children reading to its satisfactory end.

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